Signature Series Pigments for Permanent Makeup

signature series pigmentsThe Signature Series of pigments for permanent makeup is a line of colours designed to match the look of a person's natural makeup, skin colour, tone and other facial features. These pigments come in a variety of colours and are carefully selected by a permanent makeup technician to deliver the best results. The purpose of permanent makeup is to remove the hassle, time commitment and cost of daily makeup. How it works is very simple: exactly like regular makeup, the permanent makeup is applied to the face, but instead of with brushes, a tattoo gun is used. Permanent makeup is a carefully crafted, coloured and designed tattoo.
Some of the colours that are often found as pigment colours for permanent makeup include:
  • Black – Black alone should not be used. Instead, the better option is to combine it with other colours to provide a custom darker colour. Over time, the colour will fade slightly to blue/grey.
  • Grey – A very common colour used for eyebrows and eyeliners.
  • Brown – Another very common eyeliner colour and is best on darker skin complexions.
  • Jade – Jade is another colour routinely used in yellow based permanent makeup.
  • Taupe – This colour flaunts soft and golden tones. It is most often used for adding some lighter eyebrow colours.
  • Blue – Often mixed with black, this colour is not recommended on eyebrows or lips.
  • White – Mixing with another colour is key to using white and should not be used as a cover-up or camouflage colour as it is far too opaque.
  • Yellow – A common colour that is almost exclusively used on lip liner permanent makeup.
  • Red – Again a very common colour that gets far more play with lip lining.
There are other specific pigments that are designed to be the ‘ideal' for a specific area. Colours that are specific to having virginal, soft and natural red lips or colours designed to make the areola lighter in colour is another common application.
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